Tuesday, May 18, 2010

ny & ca...

its crazy how slow 40 weeks can seem on some days and on others, it was a blink of an eye...
40 weeks has come and gone and we have our little miracle at home. we are all smitten by him. what a blessing he has been to our family!

(1 week, 5 days old)
(on his blessing day/mothers day... may 9th, 2010)

it was hard to keep up with 2 blogs so i am now going to pick back up on our family blog... nyandca.blogspot.com. it is private so if anyone reads this that does not have permission, just let me know and i will add you.

thanks for reading our baby blog!


  1. Oh what a sweet angel you have. I love your blog. Can't wait to see your boys grow. Hope you and Reid can get all the rest you need.

  2. He is a cute one!! I would LOVE permission! My emails julieradmacher@yahoo.com