Tuesday, May 18, 2010

ny & ca...

its crazy how slow 40 weeks can seem on some days and on others, it was a blink of an eye...
40 weeks has come and gone and we have our little miracle at home. we are all smitten by him. what a blessing he has been to our family!

(1 week, 5 days old)
(on his blessing day/mothers day... may 9th, 2010)

it was hard to keep up with 2 blogs so i am now going to pick back up on our family blog... nyandca.blogspot.com. it is private so if anyone reads this that does not have permission, just let me know and i will add you.

thanks for reading our baby blog!

Monday, May 3, 2010

in love...

6 days old...
while ev was at piano lessons we had an enjoyable time, just you and i. my camera phone was the only thing i had but i was able to capture so many precious moments!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

week 39

Reid Michael
Reid is a name we love but also it is a name on daddys side of the family.
Michael is special because it is from mommys side of the family, aunt Beckys hubby.
you are here!! welcome sweet boy!!!!
you entered the world on april 27th at 7pm. weighing in at 7 pounds and 20 inches long. how cool is that?
your sweet aunt becky was able to be there.
i have so much to write you but i need to get a few hours of sleep.
we love you little one... your big brothers are going to meet you in the a.m.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

week 38

its our last week with you in my tummy babes, we are so excited to see what you look like. daddy is betting on another red head, i on the other hand am saying you will have brownish hair. tuesday is the big day and we are so excited!!!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

week 37

oh babes, this was a big week for our family. your big brother decided to be baptized into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It was such a special week, we were able to have daddys mom and dad, his brothers family and younger sisters family all come from utah to spend a few days here. i think you will fit right in with this group, we had a lovely visit!
we got your car seat and now are officially ready for you to come.

i have started to take stress tests this week, twice a week. you really want to keep us on our toes until the last minute, don't you? i don't mind because it is so nice to hear your heartbeat.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

week 36

this was a fabulous week. daddy took the week off to spend time with us. brothers had no school because of spring break so we decided to head a few hours south. we got a hotel and just enjoyed a little lazy time. we also squeezed in going to the beach a few times. it was a perfect trip for our family before your big arrival.

i {daddy stayed home with the boys to give me a little break} also headed up north later in the week. my doctor thought i may have a baby because you have been progressing a lot, combined with the amount of walking i was going to do {shopping, etc.}. but you were a good boy! i did discover i only get one swollen foot. you obviously prefer to sit on my right side.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

week 35

annie, alissa and joni pulled off a beautiful shower for us babes, we are so lucky!

i finished your crib and bedding (pillow, crib sheet and quilt top) this week. it looks fabulous! annies mom quilted the quilt and i cannot keep my eyes off of it, she is amazing!we are ready for you!

Friday, March 26, 2010

week 34

a good friend, annie, is giving us a shower next week. check out the cute invites... the flags are made out of tape that she bought from japan. she is amazing!

the star fabric is part of your bedding i am working on.

we met with our specialist (ultrasound) to see you again this week. he feels confident you may have grown out of the problems you were having. he did say however he wants to send you right to the nicu to be looked over before they send you/us to the recovery floor. we have a friend who works at the nicu, it would be great if she got to take care of you. you are in the thoughts and prayers of so many, we love you!

Friday, March 19, 2010

week 33

big brother had a performance this week, he did amazing! he sang the song recycle rap. he wore sunglasses and a baseball cap to look like a gangster, so cute! lets just say we are totally white so brother had us laughing in a good way. love that kid!

we met your new doctor. it was a crazy visit since we had to bring all 3 of your brothers with us and we had to squeeze into a room the size of a sardine but we love, love, love our new doctor. she is confident with delivering you, she has dealt with similar situations which made daddy and i feel comforted. guess what, she said your big day may be april 27th, 2010. so we only have 6 more weeks until we meet you! i/we are getting so excited!!!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

week 32

when daddy and i first met i would say "i will never wear flip flops and i will never live in cali". daddy would just laugh and i have learned to never say never because guess what babes, i wear flip flops everyday and i cannot think of a better place to live... i love cali!!!! i feel like i am a california girl and i think other people think the same thing because when i tell them i am from new york they say "no way". so babes, we got you your first swim trunks for kickin it at the beach because thats what we do best!

Monday, March 1, 2010

week 31

single digits baby... only 9 more weeks!
we were having a hard time getting into the doctor i wanted but after making a few phone calls, we got in:) we will meet her in 2 weeks... i am so excited!

i bought you this adorable teether, it is darling. daddy had to laugh at how small it was. for every teether sold, they plant a tree so guess what? you planted a tree and you are not even here yet!

we also got your stroller and rocking chair this week. i still need to finish your crib and baby bedding. it is all starting to come together, we are all so excited to meet you!

Friday, February 26, 2010

week 30

wow, i am grateful for good insurance! last fall when daddy and i were talking about adding another bundle of joy to our family we decided to switch our health insurance plan. we also knew your brother needed surgery. after thinking about it a lot, playing with the numbers we felt really strongly to go with the highest plan. every time i go to a doctors office i am thankful for those feelings and that we made that decision.
{daddys dinner is on the left, it was gone before i started mine, he he.}

wow, babes only 10 more weeks and that is if we go full term. this week was a big one and we feel so blessed. the morning of your appointment started super early, getting your brothers ready for their big day at school, play dates and a sleep over. we had to get on the road early, we had to drive just over 2 hours away.

we made it in time to hit a few stores. would you be surprised if i told you i got you a few things? well i did, you are going to look so cute. i cannot pass up a good deal! you may not be able to wear some of it right away but you will grow.

so your new doctor... we made it to our appointment and were in and out of there in such a short amount of time, compared to our other doctors. guess what? he could not see any problems with your large intestine. what? we were shocked! he did see a few other things that he would like us to have watched but he said we should be ok to deliver closer to home.

the best news of all he said, your babies tummy is too small {-2%}. i really do not want you to go into preterm labor and deliver him so small. so please sit on the couch and just eat. um, say what? i have never been told that. i have always been so active in all of my pregnancies {playing basketball, snowboarding, etc.} this is the first one i have to sit around but i am not going to lie, i am going to enjoy it. yes i know i am going to have to kick my butt into high gear after you are born but it will be worth it. for now we sit and eat, especially anything dipped in chocolate... yum!

we celebrated by going to a nice dinner. the food was to die for, either that or it was because we had skipped lunch. i guess we will have to go back:)

i have talked to our specialist here and she is shocked, to say the least. we have another appointment scheduled with her at the end of this month. she wants to give it a little more time and check again.

we were told we need to deliver at a hospital about 30 min away because they have a n.i.c.u., just to be safe. our ob here only delivers at a hospital without a nicu so i can no longer go to him. i hate switching doctors but it is part of the process. i am trying to get into a doctor that is highly recommended. keep your fingers crossed {and toes} because i hear she is hard to get into.

we feel so blessed... prayers are really answered!

Monday, February 15, 2010

week 29

how much to share, how much not to share? that is always what i ask myself when writing this blog. at this moment i feel like sharing so here we go...
baby weid, it sounds so cute when your brother talks to you.

we have our appointment made with the ob specialist that is going to deliver you. it is scheduled for next week. i am nervous and excited! we are hopeful he will have more answers for us.

i/we are lucky to have your daddy, he is so mellow. something that i have really relied on, he is so good to us! this entire experience has been a roller coaster of emotions and add the fact that my hormones are going crazy... wow! i definitely have good days and bad days. days i feel on top of the world because i am carrying you and other days i just want to hide and cry. i just want answers and only time will give us that.

it has been hard from the first time we were asked how we felt about aborting you {when there were a lot of unknowns} to now. no momma should ever be asked that, it rocked my world. i have loved you from the moment we found out about you! daddy and i have felt pretty positive through out this entire experience. we were told at one point it looked like you had c.f. or d.s. and we were ok with that. in the beginning of our marriage i would tell a2 that i would love a child with special needs as i know it brings a lot of challenges but the joy and glue it can bring to the family is amazing. so i was ok with it.

daddy and i are pretty private people and have kept a lot to ourselves, i have shared with a few close friends. but that felt nice to share.

we love you little one and feel so positive it will all work out!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

week 28

we met with our specialist this week, actually 2 of them this week. we feel like we got some more answers and are moving forward. for those of you with questions, this is what we know...

* our baby has a problem with his large intestines, they are dilated larger than normal and continue to get larger,
* which means there is something blocking them.
* it is a blessing i was bleeding early so they could catch this. they have been watching it closely.
* this happens in about 1/5000 births.
* we do know he will need surgery after he is born.
* we do not know how extensive it will be until he is here.
* we do not know how long the surgery takes or how long he will stay in the hospital.
* they will diagnose him in the first 24-48 hours after his birth.
* i will not be able to nurse him.
* he will be feed through an IV.

we feel blessed to have family on both sides offer to help!

we are going to meet with the pediatric surgeon, OB, and tour the hospital where we will be delivering in the next few weeks. we will need to make a few visits there before you come and it is a few hours away. we have been told they will probably induce me anywhere from 38-39 weeks.

we were able to see you in 4D this week, your brothers thought that was cool. they always love to hear your heartbeat. at your appointment your tummy measured small, barely 27 weeks. your femur bone measured almost 30 weeks. a big difference but then they looked at daddy and your brothers and said we can see it runs in the family, long and skinny. i do not include myself in that because i am not feeling so skinny. she said you weigh 2 pounds 11 ounces!

Monday, February 1, 2010

week 27

{we are going to need to update our family picture soon!}
i have been busy getting your brothers and your room into order. i have a lot to do! i like how it is keeping me busy tho. so much to paint and organize. our pile to donate to the goodwill is growing, your daddy and i love that feeling. out with the old and in with the new.

speaking of new i have found the stroller i want and a rocking chair for us. i am so excited! i am still trying to find the perfect fabric to make your bedding.

we met with your doctor this week and also talked to your pediatrician. we were told of a good pediatric surgeon in the area, i feel like we are starting to get some answers. we have another appointment next week with our specialist. so much to learn and prepare for but only time will tell.

you are in our thoughts and prayers everyday little man... momma loves you more then words can say!!!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

week 26

guess what i miss? i never thought i would feel this way. i miss hitting the pavement, having my own time, for hours, training for something, setting a goal and reaching it. i guess i am setting a goal... growing you. i am just really looking forward to running some day soon.

my emotions are all over the board. i worry, i cry, i laugh, i get upset... pregnancy hormones are awesome! i think daddy thinks so!

snacking is my favorite thing to do, i am definitely eating more with you then any of my other pregnancies. i am a stress eater, one more reason why i am looking forward to running some day soon.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

week 25

well babes, my body is getting ready for you to come. sleep now days is hard to come by. i have the most random sleep patterns. i am usually up anytime between 1am-5am. are you moving around and waking me up? are you getting me ready for feeding you in the middle of the night?

maybe it is because i have been stressing about you, with all of the what if this or that situations playing through out my mind. its hard to keep my mind on other things. i have started to set up your room, to keep my mind busy. your daddy and i were not going to do it until 1 month before you came but i need something to keep me busy and this seems to be doing the trick!

you weigh about one pound, eight ounces and are nearly nine inches long (crown to rump). thats what the internet says. our doctors say "wow, you are long". which does not surprise any of us:)

you wiggle a lot little one, its the wiggles that help me in so many ways. knowing you are ok, its your way of communicating. i love you so much little one and hope everything goes well with your delivery!

Friday, January 15, 2010

week 24

your daddy is awesome! he surprised me with a 30th birthday party. we had friends come from up to 2 hours away.

i got to see you again this week. good news is they cannot even see where i was bleeding, it is gone. bad news they are watching your organs, something seems to be bothering them. daddy could not come but i was glad i was able to have a friend there. after your ultrasound we went to lunch and i bought you a few things, you are going to look so handsome!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

week 23

guess who came to visit us? gma and gpa! we had not seen them in 2 years... it was a wonderful week!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

week 22

brother is lovin the dirt lately. he will teach you everything when you are ready!